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Debian on Compaq Evo N800w

I am trying to set up Debian linux on a Compaq Evo N800w (Mobile Pentium 4, 1GB RAM, onboard LAN, Video, and Sound, Wireless LAN USB Device). The current issues I am having is that ACPI support by the kernel is not up-to-date enough to recognize the components of my system. My understanding is that I report that to the Kernel mailing list or bugzilla. For doing that, does anybody know a way to easily save the Kernel bootlog and other pertinent files so I can access them from my fully functional Windows partition. Additional issue is that the Debian-stable version of XFree86 does not support my video hardware, though it appears that 4.3.0 does. Does anybody have a Debian package for that?

Brant Langer Gurganus
Computer Guru

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