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Re: Installing debian on new hardware.

Elie De Brauwer wrote:
Hello list, i was just wondering,

I have a new machine PIV 2.8ghz with hyperthreading, and a serial ata disk. What is the best way to launch a debian install on it ? Currently there's a gentoo with a custom kernel on it which i had to install from a custom chroot (since there were problems booting and detecting the disks). But gentoo doesn't 'feel' right and i want to turn the machine in a debian. Are there any recents boot disks,iso, ... available that are able to boot this machine, or how can i create my custom boot disks starting from the current kernel, or is it possible to launch the debian install from a chrooted environment ?
Elie De Brauwer

Boot Knoppix, do a chroot install.  Search the list archives for more
detail, as this topic is discussed at least every two weeks.

Enjoy :-)


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