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Re: Unidentified subject!

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Simon Tod wrote:

> After a hdd install from knoppix 3.2 I tried to
> dist-upgrade to Debian unstable. It all seems to work
> fine but my debian_version is still reported as
> testing/unstable.

you are correct. knoppix is a combination of some testing and some
unstable packages.

I've tracked this down to the fact
> that a number of packages from the hdd install are not
> at the latest versions available in unstable but are
> unoffical versions with different dependencies.

Not sure what you mean. 99 % of the packages are from debian sources. only
a few are knoppix-specific. but if you upgrade, most of the knoppix
debs are upgraded or removed IIRC.

> The most significant being sysvinit.

something important like this would not get updated very often (1 -2 per
year) as it has been tested very thoroughly and does not have 'new'

> If I try 'apt-get install sysvinit', I'm told I have
> the latest version installed. Not true.

apt-get can be setup to install stable, testing or unstable packages. But
it can be told to exclude packages.
But if 'apt-get' says its the latest version, it is only telling you based
on ITS settings.

 The knoppix
> version is 2.84 something or other, whereas 2.85 is
> available in unstable.
> If I try 'apt-get --reinstall install sysvinit', I'm
> told the packages is not available for download.
Would do no good is its already installed correctly and you dont need to
fix a broken install.

> This is a common problem when trying to replace a
> package from an unofficial source with an official
> one. My usual trick is just to remove the offending
> package, then reinstall from an official source.

not sure if that is the best way.


> HOWEVER, sysvinit is a rather crucial package (I
> think!?) and I'm a little concerned that removing it -
> even if only to replace it with a different version
> shortly afterwards - may be dangerous.
yes is it dangerous as it is a very basic package.

> Any suggestions as to whether or not this may be a
> safe thing to do or what alternative approach I could
> take would be much appreciated...
> Thanks!

try this:

apt-get install -s sysvinit/unstable
apt-get install -s sysvinit/testing
apt-get install -s sysvinit/stable

note the -s means to show what it would do, but dont to it
for me:
unstable and testing = 2.85-7
stable = 2.84-2woody1

BUT it depends on your /etc/apt/sources.list


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