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Re: classic deficiancy in both windows and linux ?

On Thu, 2003-10-23 at 18:08, James D. Freels wrote:
> Can you figure out a way to get a listing of a directory (folder in
> Windows) and print it, without resorting to command prompt ?
> The only way I could find was to save a bit map to the clipboard, then
> paste the clipboard contents into another application, then print.
> Any other ideas ?

If you are using nautilus, you can create a file in
~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ containing the following:
ls -l "$1" > "$tmpfile"
gedit "$tmpfile"
the "chmod +x" the file

or, if you want to be super-cool, you can install all the python gnome
bindings and grab

This will give you a context menu for folders only that will do the same
thing as the above.


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