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Re: nvidia drivers & kernel headers

John Yurcik wrote:
1. Download and install the kernel-source package that
corresponds to the kernel version you're running. 2. Unbzip the bzip file that appears in /usr/src (something like kernel-source-2.4.whatever.tar.bz2). 3. make a symbolic link to the resulting directory
called /usr/src/linux (eg ln -s
/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.22 /usr/src/linux). 4. copy /boot/config-<kernelversion> to /usr/src/linux/.config 5. do a make menuconfig or make oldconfig. This should be enough to generate the headers; if not you might try compiling the kernel as well:
I  did 1-4 above. At 'make menu config  the terminal
responded with 'no target specified' I tried adding
the directory with the kernel-sources to the command
without without success. Do I really have to compile
the kernel to get this video card driver installed?


that should be "make menuconfig" and you should be in the /usr/src/linux directory.

You don't have to compile the kernel, just configure it (I think :).

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