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phonetic =?iso-8859-1?q?symbols

Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 22:52:07 +0200
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I have changed from Windows 2000 to Linux because of the viruses. Iam=20
very happy now because Linux is much safer and much more stable.However, I=
have a problem: I have a file with words in English with the phonetic=20
transcription but Openoffice or KWord of Linux doesn't convert some of the=
symbols:theschwa, the symbol for sh in ship,the symbol for ch in chair, the=
symbolfor j in John, the symbol for s in television, the symbol for s=20
intreasure, the symbol for th in three, the symbol for u in cut. I=20
havedownloaded all the tippa fonts=20
and many others from Debian and they are available in my computer. Could=20
somebody help me to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance. =A0

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