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Re: how to get 2.4.18 device driver 3c59x

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 08:09:40AM +0200, Tom Eugelink wrote:
> I was running kernel 2.2 and I used dselect to download 2.4.18 (binary). 
> That came with drivers for pcmcia, but nothing else, especially not for 
> my networkcards, requiring the 3c59x driver.

You'll probably need to install the correct kernel module for your
networking hardware.  The Debian binary kernel-image packages make
almost everything a module.

Use the command "modconf", and look under kernel/drivers/net.  There's a
3x59x driver there.  Once you select it with modconf, it'll be loaded at
boot, as modconf modifies your /etc/modules file.

> I downloaded the 2.4.18 kernel sources and compiled a kernel, but no 
> driver is present (and I got a way too large kernel to boot).

How did you configure the kernel?  Did you compile everything into it?
Did you use make-kpkg, which is Debian's way of building kernels?  The
easiest way to make your own kernel using Debian's tools is to use the
following sequence:

- install a kernel-source package
- untar the kernel-source bzip that appears in /usr/src.
- make a link to the dir that was created called linux (ln -s
  kernel-source-x.xx linux)
- copy the config file from /boot/ that's the right version for your
  kernel to /usr/src/linux/.config: something like "cp
  /boot/config-2.4.22 /usr/src/linux/.config".
- run make menuconfig or make xconfig to make your configuration changes
- run "make-kpkg kernel-image --initrd".

Once all of these things are done, you should find a kernel-image deb in
your /usr/src directory.



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