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Re: Configuring three nics on a gateway/web server

Lucio <luke@iond.it> writes:

> I've successfully installed and configured Apache on a already
> working gateway box.
> I know this can play a little unusual (web and gateway server in the
> same box) but unfortunately at the moment I just have this hardware
> at my disposal.
> However, I have inserted a third nic (eth2) on which the httpd
> daemon should have listen.

So what's the third network card actually connected to?  "Apache
should listen on it" isn't actually informative.

> Some information on the net :
>         eth0: gateway
>         eth1: local net
>         eth2: httpd
>         network:
>         broadcast:
>         router:
>         eth0:   netmask
>         eth1:       netmask
>         eth2:   netmask  <-- is this netmask correct ???

So what that's saying is that eth0 is connected to a network
containing through .118 only; .119 is the broadcast
address.  eth1 is connected to the private network on 192.168.0.x.
And eth2 is a single-host network; there are no other IP addresses on
the network eth2 is connected to, but its subnet is a subset of the
network eth0 is connected to.  This gets confusing.

Is your end goal just to have a separate IP address for the "Web
server"?  You could do that by assigning a second address to eth0
(it'd be called eth0:1).  Or if you really really wanted to use eth2,
you could connected it to the same thing eth0 is connected to, and
give it the same network parameters but a different IP address.  But
then your firewall rules might cause issues, as you showed before, and
it's not obvious whether packets going to "the router" in your
application go out via eth0 or eth2.  In normal situations where you
have "the gateway" you only have a single external connection; that's
where your cable modem or DSL or T1 or whatever plugs in.

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