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Re: More on spam

On Sunday 19 October 2003 16:44, John Hasler wrote:
> klaus imgrund writes:
> > I am always shocked when I get to the US and find out about how many
> > people are on dialup or situations like this - I live in Brasil about 10
> > miles from town and got adsl
> How large is the town you are ten miles from?  The population density of
> the US is much lower than many people realize, as is the degree of
> high-density urbanization.  I live on a farm just outside a village of 900.

Got about 300.000 -ok -  thats the good part about corruption. Once the stuff 
is in place somebody will use it.
> DSL is available in the next village over from me (six miles away) and may
> soon be available here, but I won't be able to afford it.
> > hell,we are supposed to be third world,please don't take that away.It's
> > the only thing we got!
> How widely available is DSL in Northeastern Brazil?

No idea - I don't live there but the last time they had a 2 MB/s link in the 
hotel for free. 

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