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samba print samsung ML-1710

I am having some trouble figuring out how to get my Samsung ML-1710
printer to be shared with winXP.

I am using lpr.  I can print fine from linux, and can see the printer
from XP.  I can print gibberish from windows when using the same printer
as defined in printcap that I use in linux.  I figure that all I need to
do is set up a raw printer and have XP use that.  

I cannot get my raw printer to print anything, either from windows or
linux.  I do not get any errors.  The only time I see anything in the
queue is when I turn the printer off and then print.  When I turn it
back on, the queue goes away and nothing comes out.

Here is my printcap.  The "network" entry is supposed to be raw, the lp
entry works fine ( except for the gibberish from XP )



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