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Re: Re: Canon BJC-250

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 03:05:53PM -0600, Steve Mays wrote:
> Hello My name is Mandy Smith.  I am looking for a disk to
> download Canon BJC-250.  I can't find one anywhere in Pine
> Bluff.  I need it so I can print.  Since i don't have that
> I can't print anything out on my computer.  

CUPS appears to have support for this printer already, so you don't
need to download anything special. Just make sure you've got CUPS
installed, go to http://localhost:631/admin and Add a New Printer,
select "CANON BJC 250, CUPS+GIMP-print v4.2.0(en)" on the page for
selecting Model/Driver.


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