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Re: modutils problem

David Z Maze írta:
LeVA <leva@az.isten.hu> writes:

I have noticed that when I load a module the
/etc/modutils/<module_name> files, which conatins the "post-install"
lines, doesn't run.
So when I load my emu10k1 for example, which has a
/etc/modutils/emu10k1 file, which contains this line:
post-install emu10k1 /usr/local/etc/emu-script
doesn't run.

Did you run update-modules as root after creating the /etc/modutils
file?  (Nothing actually runs the commands in /etc/modutils/*
directly, but update-modules combines those files together into
/etc/modules.conf, which is what's actually read by modprobe.)

Yeah, that was the problem, thanks! I forgot it... Now I have the updated modules.conf, but it is only readed if I install the modules with modprobe. If I load the modules with insmod, still don't run the post-install script, but with modprobe it seems ok. Is this normal? And during bootup, which program loads the modules, modprobe, or insmod, because it would be good if these post-install entries could run
during the bootup.

Thanks again!



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