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Re: Decent browsers for Linux? Anything to replace IE?

Wathen, Metherion wrote:

Let's see, javascript compliance with browsers that
insist on
MSIE compliance only.
The lastest linux versions of Opera and Mozilla are
both far superior to Internet Explorer in every way.

Personally, I prefer Opera for linux, on my old box it loads
at least twice as fast as Mozilla, not that I dislike mozilla,
opera was just faster.
have they got tabbed browsing in ie yet?

If you're going to make commentary like that, you might want to keep up with the current state of projects like Mozilla.

Since you're questioning whether Mozilla has tabbed browsing (it has for...oh...a year now maybe?), then you're probably not aware of the *amazing* performance increases that it has seen in the same time period.

Jeff McAdams
"He who laughs last, thinks slowest." -- anonymous

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