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Re: More on spam

It's happening to me too.  I have a spam filter on my isp that takes care of 
normal spam well, but the swen stuff still gets through.  I filter that 
myself like someone on this list suggested by deleting mesages with 
"multipart/alternative" or "multipart/mixed".  If my isp didn't have decent 
filters I'd be SOL.

But I'm kind of wondering about how swen is still getting propogated so much.  
Are there really that many infected computers who's users don't know it???  
The sender addresses don't seem to be real addresses on the swen mails I get.


Am Freitag, 17. Oktober 2003 04:46 schrieb Sidney Brooks:
> As a result of my thread here, I am getting an almost
> endless stream of spam messages, supposedly from
> microsoft. Unless I clean out "bulk" and "trash" every
> few hours, they are pushing me beyond my Yahoo
> allowance. The effect is to cut me off from sending
> and receiving messages. Is this happening to everybody
> or have I been singled out because I have posted so
> many message in the last day or so? If the former, at
> what will it have to conceded that the spammers have
> made this user organization useless?
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