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Re: Problem with my printer and cups

On Thursday 16 October 2003 21:17, Francois Fayard wrote:

> I've configured CUPS through the web interface after installing the
> package that contains all the PPD files.
> first :
>  - the printer prints when I do a : echo "hello wold" > /dev/lp0
>  - the printer doesn't print a test page (but it used to. Don't know
> why) - When I do a lpr -Pdeskjet file.ps it just says lpr : deskjet
> unknown printer
> I don't understand what the hell it going on.
> Thanks for your advice

Are you sure the printer is called "deskjet" ? And if it is defined as 
standard printer, you won't need the -P option at all.
Have you installed the cupsys-client and/or cupsys-bsd packages as well? 
These are replacements for the "traditional" lp/lpr programs especially 
for CUPS.


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