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Re: Decent browsers for Linux? Anything to replace IE?

Monique Y. Herman wrote:
On Tue, 14 Oct 2003 at 10:28 GMT, Joseph Jones penned:

While I'm a huge Firebird fan, IE was better at some tasks (yes, they
are non-standard HTML tasks, but what can you do when that's what the
industry uses? *sigh*).

I've tried Konqueror and found it lacking extremely (yes, I love it as
a file manager when combined with qvwm, but it simply isn't as
full-featured as other browsers) and Opera seems worse than Firebird.
So, can anyone suggest a browser that tries to replicate these

Many thanks


Maybe if you enumerated *which* changes and tasks you like in IE?

Maybe he was hoping for some of the nifty "remote attack my computer" Active-X apps which are costing MS a few million right now. ;)


I like Mozilla. I like tabbed browsing a lot, so any browser that has that feature gets a big plus in my book. I would like Mozilla and IE to both be 100% document object model (DOM) compliant, but it's much more livable now than it was a few years ago.


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