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Re: mqueue question

Vivek Kumar wrote:
Hi ,

Is there any problem is deleting all the mail queues from mqueue
directory ?? I got lot of files in that directory. Also when i used
mailq command I get a long list.
When i do ps -ef | grep sendmail, I see few sendmail processes ends with
email id and user open. I feel these email-ids are the junk mails. Can i
delete those processes or not ??

It's been a while since I've used sendmail, but I don't think that just deleting the messages unless you're sure they are bad is a good idea. I don't know if sendmail keeps some state file, or if it just acts on what it finds in the directories. You could try stopping sendmail and deleting the messages and then starting sendmail again. Before you do that, consider the following:

Have you looked at the mail log? /var/log/maillog

Watch that ( tail -f ) to see if sendmail is trying to re-send those messages. It shouldn't collect 'junk' over time. It will normally try to resend messages for up to five days if there are DNS or network issues. After the five days it will try and return the mail to the sender (which may also take some time if the senders don't have local mail boxes).

Is all the mail that sendmail handles for local accounts, or might you be allowing other sites to relay through you?


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