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Re: Tool to bounce mails

John Hasler wrote:
Naitik writes:

I was wondering if there's some script/application that can bounce those,
so I can do my part in annoying the spammer.

You won't bother the spammer at all, but you will annoy the hell out of me
and others whose domains the spammers forge.

I know virii usually fake their headers, but most real spam I've seen

At least 99% of all spam has forged headers.  The addresses are valid
because they forge valid ones such as mine.  About 25% of all my incoming
mail is bogus bounces from people such as you.


Just to clarify for anyone else reading over this, you're refering to the 'returning mail post SMTP delivery' definition of bounce and not the 'SMTP time 3-5xx error' definition, right?

If you have issues with the latter, then surely your feelings are directed at the operator of the machine on the sending side of the SMTP session for having an 'open relay' and not the operator of the recieving (rejecting) side of the SMTP session. The 'open relay' sending side of the SMTP session would then be performing a post-SMTP delivery bounce once the 'rejecting' side said it didn't want to accept delivery.

If the sending side wasn't an open relay, but was an authentication required SMTP server for it's own group of clients/users, and if the recieving SMTP server only bounced at SMTP time, then I wouldn't get the bounce unless I sent the email.


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