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Bombed - Trying to Recover - Need Advice

Second Mailbox received 70 ms mail bombs per day for the past two days. It was used only for subscription to debian-user list and I was apparently unsubscribed - i.e. nothing received from user list.

Took following actions:

Contacted ISP, had address of second mailbox cancelled and new address created.
   Subscribed to debian user list from new address.
Ran clamscan -r -i --remove from root directory. Clamscan removed Exploit.IFrame.Gen from Mozilla mail Trash box and Worm.Gibe.F from Mozilla Inbox. (Note: I never opened any attachments to the mail.)
   Ran  chkrootkit.  Nothing found.

I never studied any of the postings regarding the ms mail bombs which I now regret. I know there were a great many so now I don't know where best to pick up the thread.

For the record my box is testing with a 2.4.20 kernel on a wireless network behind a standard ipmasq firewall on a stable box with no xwindows installed.

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions to insure no repetition of this problem.

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