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GTK x accented words


I'm having a hard time trying to configure my debian box to allow
accented characters. Honestly, I'm a bit confused about what locales,
console-tools and keyboard layout are responsible for. I have installed
localepurge and left only en_US and pt_BR locales in the machine. After
that, I configured console-tools (dpkg-reconfigure console-tools) with
us_intl-iso8859-1. In my XFree86-4 I also configured keyboard layout to
be us_intl. If I open an xterm, all accented characters work perfectly,
but the problem arises when using Gnome applications which use GTK+
(gnome-terminal, for instance). Some time ago, if I selected X Input
Method, it worked, but now doing this makes no difference. What is the
problem? Why can't GTK use the same character set and keyboard layout as
X is using?


Bruno Diniz de Paula <diniz@dcc.ufmg.br>

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