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RE: getting viruses/spam after posting to this list

My main work system is Windows 2000 Pro and I check my email with
Outlook XP through a corporate Exchange server.

There is no SPAM filtering being done on the Exchange servers as the
Messaging Group is horribly understaffed and has trouble keeping a
manager and they can't be bothered with extra projects at this time (or
for the past 6 months or so).
But at least they are being cleaned of the virus before they get to my

I get ~100 swen-ish emails a day.

I use the Outlook plug-in from Spambayes
(http://spambayes.sourceforge.net) to filter my mail.
After a bit of training, I would say I am at 100% detection.
Unfortunately, the spambayes filtering only works when I have Outlook
open and running.  Therefore, over long weekends (like the recent
three-day Columbus day weekend), my mailbox goes over its size limit
unless I check it from home or something and clean it up.


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