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Re: ssh-add <defunct>: where's the reaper.

Colin Watson wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > Bill Moseley wrote:
> > > ssh-add  $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa $HOME/.ssh/id_dsa_pine < /dev/null &
> > Tsk, tsk!  You should have a passphrase on your key.  Contemplate this
> > instead.
> >   xterm -e ssh-add
> When ssh-add's stdin is not a tty and $DISPLAY is set, it pops up
> ssh-askpass to ask you for a passphrase.

Ah!  Thank you for that edification.  I did not know it ran a helper
like ssh-askpass in that way.  I had always used other methods to
achieve that result.  My apologies.


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