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Re: XFS over EXT3

nemesisdivina@gennux.ca wrote:
Greetings to all:

I'm planning to install debian and planning to use XFS instead of Ext3,
does anybody know how to do ti, or know of any advantage of one file
system over the other, any recomendation will be appretiated.

That's all for the moment, good night to everyone,


Here are the steps:

1. Download and burn Knoppix CD
2. Boot Knoppix
3. Follow instructions for chroot install
4. Substitute XFS for ext3 when formating partitions
5. Instead of getting stock kernel image, get kernel sources and
   kernel-patch-xfs (for 2.4 kernel) or just kernel source (for 2.6
   kernel, which has XFS support as part of the main source tree)
6. Enjoy your new system.


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