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Re: debian on a mac?

On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 03:47:35PM -0600, Monique Y. Herman wrote:
> So, lately, I've been drooling over the latest 15" powerbooks.  I have
> never owned or even really used a Mac, but when looking at laptop
> choices, powerbooks look to be the best.  I even had a dream about it
> last night ... except in the dream, salesmen kept giving me the wrong
> model, and I'd get home, open it up, realize it was the wrong one, and
> have to repeat the process.  Hopefully the actual purchase will be less
> painful ...

Heh. I've just ordered one of these, which will probably become my new
primary development machine. It's due to arrive in early November.

> So, question for people who have used this architecture before: If I buy
> a system from Apple, how hard would it be to reconfigure it for
> dual-boot?  Single-boot debian?  What is the Mac way to resize/move
> partitions?  What does one use for a boot-loader?  I know that OS X is
> based on BSD, but I don't know how easy it is to get, say, xfree86 or
> gnome compiled and running on it.

http://people.debian.org/~branden/ibook/ appears to be good advice.
There are some other links on the powerpc port page of the Debian web

> How much functionality should I expect from debian on a mac compared to
> my x86 setup?  Are packages as readily available?

For the most part powerpc is pretty up-to-date, particularly with the
incentive of the checks of such things by the scripts that manage the
testing distribution. http://buildd.debian.org/stats/ shows it as
consistently the most up-to-date architecture in unstable save for i386
at the moment.

A few specific things are missing. I expect to miss valgrind, certainly.


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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