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Re: debian on a mac?

On (15/10/03 15:47), Monique Y. Herman wrote:
> So, lately, I've been drooling over the latest 15" powerbooks.  I have
> never owned or even really used a Mac, but when looking at laptop
> choices, powerbooks look to be the best.  I even had a dream about it
> last night ... except in the dream, salesmen kept giving me the wrong
> model, and I'd get home, open it up, realize it was the wrong one, and
> have to repeat the process.  Hopefully the actual purchase will be less
> painful ...
> So, question for people who have used this architecture before: If I buy
> a system from Apple, how hard would it be to reconfigure it for
> dual-boot?  Single-boot debian?  What is the Mac way to resize/move
> partitions?  What does one use for a boot-loader?  I know that OS X is
> based on BSD, but I don't know how easy it is to get, say, xfree86 or
> gnome compiled and running on it.
> How much functionality should I expect from debian on a mac compared to
> my x86 setup?  Are packages as readily available?
> What are the gotchas?
> Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.
It is worth reviewing the archive for debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org

You will find most of the information you're looking for.  

I'm dual booting a G4 (not TiBook) and it works well but I've still 
not configured everything.  Ben Herrenschmidt builds bleeding edge 
kernels to handle many of the Tibook idiosyncracies.  You might also 
be interested to try OSX which is impressive although I did manage to 
break it (don't ask ;)



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