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mutt pgp nosign variable?

i'm trying to create a send-hook in my .muttrc so that i can
automatically not pgp-sign messages i send to specific addresses.  but
i can't figure out which variable to use, or if i'm not seeing them
all.  i know it'll be along the lines of 

send-hook 'pattern' 'unset somevariablename'

but i don't know which variable this will be.  pgp_autosign seems to
be the one --

## pgp_autosign
##  Type: boolean
##  Default: unset
##  Setting this variable will cause Mutt to always attempt to
##  PGP/MIME sign outgoing messages.  This can be overridden by use of
##  the pgp-menu, when signing is not required or encryption is
##  requested as well.

but putting that line in my muttrc and then beginning an email to an
address in the pattern still begins a signed message.

how am i going about this wrong?



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