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Re: Gnome themes don't work

El mié, 15-10-2003 a las 09:11, Nacho de los Ríos Tormo escribió:
> I have just reinstalled Debian Sid on a new hard disk and have found
> this problem with Gnome 2.2 themes I didn't have before:
> In any theme I choose except for SphereCrystal, buttons appear in the
> Geramik style (although in the chosen theme colors). Windows decorations
> change all right with the theme, and the icons change too, but the
> toolbars and the menubar remain *always* Geramik (even in
> SphereCrystal). And font kind and size choices are ignored.
> What can this be?
> Thanks for your help,
> Nacho de los Ríos.

Don't waste your time: I found out what it is. Just deinstalled the
Geramik theme an engine, and now themes and fonts are fine. I will
report it to the appropriate bug list!



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