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no network access on new install

I just finished my first install of debian on my second hard drive via over the net, using my existing system (redhat 8.0), and using the guidelines from section 3.7 in the manual. I finally got it to boot on its own.

I am not able to access the network now.

/etc/network/interface shows:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

(example right out of the manual)

This BTW is interesting to me, because when I chroot into debian from my existing system, I have no problem accessing the network. (how else could I have downloaded all those packages using dselect?)

I checked, and it appears that I have dhcp-client installed. Shouldn't dhcp be taking care of all that? Also, am I correct in assuming that this is taken care of in the kernel anyway, if dhcp is selected in the etc/network/interfaces file?

the kernel I have installed is either:

2.4.18-k6 or

(I am not sure which - is there a way of determining this?)

Manually running ifup eth0 says that eth0 is already configured

I am sure it is obvious by now that I know almost nothing about linux, (I'll refrain from using the "n" word), but I do need help.

How can I determine if the kernel is recognizing my interfaces?

How can I determine if eth0 is actually configured with what is in the /etc/network/interfaces file?

What else should I look for?

Also, I have in my notes something indicating that I may have manually added "network" in the filepath, /etc/network/interfaces, because it wasn't already in there. Could that have anything to do with it?

I am reticent to dump it and start over.


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