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Re: International Characters

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 11:55:11PM -0700, Marshal Wong wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 21:58, Tom wrote:
> The most obvious... Did you install any chinese fonts?

No, just Bitstream Vera.
> Another question is, are you running gnome 1 or gnome2?  gnome2's
> handling of international characters is pretty nice.

Gnome2.  I just noticed something unexpected:

I have ttf-bitstream-vera installed.  I run gucharmap, and check Vera, 
Vera Sans, and Vera Mono.  I see all characters for "Basic Latin" and 
"Latin-1 Supplement", but only about half the characters for "Latin 

Then, I install ttf-dustin and run gucharmap again.  This time, for 
Vera & VeraSans & VeraMono I see all the characters for "Latin 
Extended-A" except U+0138 LATIN SMALL LETTER KRA.  When I uninstall 
ttf-dustin, it goes back to only showing about half.  It's repeatable.

What's going on?

Another question: apt-cache show ttf shows several potential chinese 
fonts.  Microsoft has a variation of Arial (and some others) that has 
almost the full Unicode character set (it's like 30mb font) when you 
install Chinese support; is there something like that for Linux?  Or 
should I just use the Microsoft complete-Unicode fonts?

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