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Re: tetex on unstable: dvips (5.92b) -Ppdf problem

Hi Mark,

* Mark M <markrmau@yahoo.com.au> [031014 10:50]:
> Hi,
> I am using unstable with dvips 5.92b. When I try:
> dvips -Ppdf process.dvi -o process.ps

I might be missing something but doesn't the -P flag specify a printer
and -o specifies an output file? Surely you only want one or the other.

dvips -Ppdf process.dvi


dvips process.dvi -o process.ps

> I get the error message shown below for a number of
> fonts.
> ps2pdf then gives bad screen output. Does anyone know
> what the problem is?

If you want to make pdf files you can make them from either latex or
tex documents with pdflatex or pdftex.



Debian testing/unstable
Linux twofish 2.6.0-test7-looxt93c2 i686 GNU/Linux

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