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rescue mail off secondary server contingency plan

Let's assume it's Friday and one's primary mx server cannot be fixed
until Monday.  Maybe I can write a standard procedure for other low
bandwidth users to use.

Mail is accruing on the secondary, but not yet cleaned of spam, nor in
a mailbox fetchable.  We copy our latest .procmailrc, and
.spamassassin/user_prefs (hopefully ok for the spamassassin version on
the secondary) to the secondary, then trigger some special command the
dumps the mail queued for us that is waiting for the down primary mx
server, into our mailbox here on the secondary, as per our
.procmailrc.  We then use fetchmail to fetch it.

We disconnect.  New mail still gets queued waiting for the primary,
until if we repeat the procedure.

I wonder if the above is somewhat on track.
More flexible would be: I make the mx record for the primary now point
to a good machine where all is ready to do my spam filtering. But that
would take time to propagate, I suspect.

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