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Debian / Linux KaZaA client?

A friend of mine has a Win2k PC which has suddenly decided that it
can't load some extremely fundamental driver and therefore reboots
itself before it has finished booting. The standard cure of
reinstalling Windoze is not possible because he doesn't have the Win2k
CD. Also, he's fed up with virus attacks. So I've suggested nuking
Windoze and installing Debian.

The machine is fairly lightly used, and only by his kids - he doesn't
use it himself - for email/chat, "homework" (simple WP AFAICT, doesn't
involve transferring files to/from school computers) - and KaZaA. That
seems to be the fly in the ointment. Googling for "kazaa client" linux
only turns up something from May 12 saying basically "from this date
there is no Linux KaZaA client no matter what you may read elsewhere".

Does anyone have any more up to date information on the availability
of KaZaA clients for Linux?


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