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Re: Use of apt-proxy with net install of sarge

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 10:28:56AM +0200, Chris Halls wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 10:15:54PM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:
> > But, I can't figure out what I should tell the netinstall software when it
> > asks me to specify a mirror. Some particulars of my system:
> > The url of the host running apt-proxy is cmn.lan.gnu .
> > A sample line in a using host sources.list is 
> >     deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/main woody main contrib non-free
> > What do I type on a newly attached machine to get it to make use
> > of the apt-cache for a net install of sarge? Or is this proto-feature
> > not implemented?
> Quoting from apt-proxy's README:
> ---------
> Q: What else is apt-proxy known to work with?  How do I configure it?
> [...]
> A2: debootstrap, which uses wget.  This means you can easily install new
>     machine using the packages out of your apt-proxy cache.  In boot floppies,
>     specify http://APTPROXY:9999/main as your debian mirror (replacing APTPROXY
>     with the name or IP address of the machine where apt-proxy is running).
> ---------
> In your case, tell it your debian mirror is at:
>   http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/main
Thanks, Chris, but there is more to my problem. I used the above line, and
it lead me to report a bug against install, which was promptly squashed by
Sebastian Ley. When I applied his input to my apt-proxy, I got different 
error messages that indicated install was actually finding my apt-proxy,
but did not approve of its internal structure, e.g.
"404 File not found", 
"403 Forbidden",
"404 Unknown extension".

Here is the meat of my apt-proxy.conf. It may be badly/foolishly done:

# Configuration for apt-proxy, with most comments removed
# for compact help request post


add_backend /main/					\
	$APT_PROXY_CACHE/debian/			\
        http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian/                \
        http://linux.csua.berkeley.edu/debian/          \
        http://lyre.mit.edu/debian/                     \

add_backend /debian-non-US/				\
	$APT_PROXY_CACHE/debian-non-US/			\
        http://non-us.debian.org/                       \
        http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian-non-US/         \

add_backend /security/					\
	$APT_PROXY_CACHE/security/			\
        http://security.debian.org/                     \

add_backend /openoffice/				\
	$APT_PROXY_CACHE/openoffice/			\


Here is du output that shows the top 3 levels of the actual directory

1904	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian/dists/woody
2612	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian/dists/sarge
4520	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian/dists
1804	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian/.apt-proxy-filelists
35284	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian/pool/contrib
355336	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian/pool/main
390624	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian/pool
396952	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian
220	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/security/dists/stable
56	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/security/dists/testing
280	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/security/dists
112	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/security/.apt-proxy-filelists
48032	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/security/pool/updates
48036	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/security/pool
48432	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/security
44	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/openoffice/dists/woody
40	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/openoffice/dists/sarge
88	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/openoffice/dists
24	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/openoffice/.apt-proxy-filelists
116	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/openoffice
96	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian-non-US/dists/woody
60	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian-non-US/dists/sarge
160	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian-non-US/dists
48	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian-non-US/.apt-proxy-filelists
212	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy/debian-non-US
445716	/sdb5/cache/apt-proxy

Here is the sources.list from a host that appears to use this apt-proxy successfully:
 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/security stable/updates main contrib non-free
 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/main woody main contrib non-free
 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/debian-non-US woody/non-US main contrib non-free
 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/openoffice woody main contrib

 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/security testing/updates main contrib non-free 
 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/main sarge main contrib non-free
 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/debian-non-US sarge/non-US main contrib non-free
 deb http://cmn.lan.gnu:9999/openoffice sarge main contrib 

I'm hoping that someone can spot the errors in my work, and tell
me what I should have in apt-proxy.conf. And I hope I can populate
a correctly configured apt-proxy without downloading all this again.

PS. I don't know why the first 'add_backend' is differently
configured than the others. It's what I did, and I stopped fiddling
when it started working. I am not at all confident of my understanding
of this.


Paul E Condon           

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