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Re: I can't boot on the Debian I just installed

> You are using the same kernel and initrd.img for Debian as you are for
> Mandrake.  I guess the boot fails because it can't find the modules it needs
> to boot.  It is looking for Mandrake stuff on your Debian partition. (Right
> partition - wrong kernel and initrd.img)
> The way I do this is to boot mount the Debian partition (/dev/hdd2) and copy
> the kernel (rename it vmlinuz-debian in the copy), the System.map (rename
> System.map-debian) and initrd.img (initrd.img-debian).  Then edit
> /etc/lilo.conf using these new names for the image and initrd.img.  Rerun
> /sbin/lilo and try booting.
> Anita

I didn't say where to copy the files - put them in your Mandrake /boot
directory.  lilo.conf states that this is where they are located, or it will
once you change the names for the kernel and initrd.img in the Debian

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