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Re: ICQ's problem

begin James Ng Yuen Sum quote from Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 08:01:08AM +0800
> Hi,
> When I go to the site http://go.icq.com to use ICQ, I cannot enter my
> icq number and password in the box, which is for inputting the icq
> number and password. Is there any library or packages needed to be
> installed in order to use the icq function in http://go.icq.com

You need to have a working Java plugin for your browser.  If you're
using woody, you can go to www.blackdown.org and fine .debs that will
work (called j2re1.3 or so).  If you're on sid or sarge (maybe, it
depends on which version of g++ mozilla or konq was built with) you'll
need to get a version of the JRE that was built with gcc 3.2.  Last I
checked, this was only available as tarballs, and had gcc3.2 in the

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