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Re: no volume display in XMMS

>>> >> I'm just getting to know XMMS, and I like it a lot.  But I have one
>>> >> problem:  the volume analyzer and all of the visualization windows
>>> >
>>> >all> show zero.  That is, I get no volume display.  I want a volume
>>> >
>>> >> display!
> This is not a hardware problem.
> I had the same thing happen several months back and was scratching my head
> trying to figger it out. It's an XMMS configuration setting. I'm now
> scratching my head trying to remember how I fixed it, but it was one of
> the various XMMS preference options. I'll play around and repost if I
> solve it, but in the meantime explore preferences.

Well that makes me feel a little better anyway!

I've looked all through the preferences dialogs, quite a few times
by now.  The obvious one is Visualization Mode, which can be set to "Off". 
But I've set it "Scope" or "Analyzer" with no success.  (This is the same
as single-clicking on the visualization display, which is supposed to
toggle it on or off.)  It just seems that the display is receiving a signal
of zero, even though I am hearing the music.

I've looked all around in the Visualization (and other) plugins.  I can
enable any of them (I have Blur Scope, OpenGL Spectrum analyzer, Simple
spectrum analyzer, and XMMS MSA), and they start up normally, showing, you
guessed it, zero signal.

Thanks to both of you for helping me try to solve this.  Maybe it's a bug.

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