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Re: What window manager for KDE?

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 12:06:57PM -0400, stan wrote:
> I'm getting more and moore unhappy with teh "downgrade" of Gnome 1.4 to
> Hnome 2.2[4[. I've also got a machine that I'm having problems with Gnome
> sessions on.
> So, I decided to try KDE (I'm on testing). Now wth kdm, I cna log in, but I
> just get the background. No menu bars or anything.
> Perhaps I have not installed all the right bits. What window manager should
> I install for KDE? Is there a meta package that I cna isntall to get
> everything I need?

KDE comes with a window manager, and you should see menus and stuff.
It's in quite a few packages, so you may not have installed all the

Testing is currently running KDE 2.2.2 (same as stable I think).
Confusingly, this works with kdelibs3 (though Qt 2).

You may be having some problems because parts of the newer KDE (v3
with, kdelibs4, Qt 3) may have migrated into testing; I'm not sure
about that.

The wiki posted by someone else tells you how to install the newer
KDE3.  However, that is still getting everything worked out, and is
also in the middle of a transition from 3.1.3 to 3.1.4--in other
words, it may not be in great shape for downloading either.

Here are the KDEish things on my testing system.  This is definitely
more than the necessary minimum, but perhaps it will help:
ii  ebook-dev-kde2 200010-2       [EBOOK-DEV] KDE 2.0 Development
ii  gkdebconf      1.2.4          Helper to reconfigure packages with Debconf
ii  kde-designer   2.3.1-6        Qt GUI Designer (With KDE Widget support)
ii  kde-theme-matt      Matte family of themes for KDE
ii  kde-theme-past      Pastel family of themes for KDE
ii  kde-theme-swee      Sweetpill family of themes for KDE
ii  kdeartwork-sty 2.2.2-1        widget styles released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-the 2.2.2-1        desktop themes released with KDE
ii  kdeartwork-the 2.2.2-1        window decoration themes released with KDE
ii  kdebase        2.2.2-14.7     KDE core applications
ii  kdebase-crypto 2.2.2-2        KDE crypto control module
ii  kdebase-doc    2.2.2-14.7     Documentation for Applications in kdebase
ii  kdebase-libs   2.2.2-14.7     KDE libraries and modules for kdebase
ii  kdelibs-dev    2.2.2-13.woody KDE core libraries (development files)
ii  kdelibs3       2.2.2-13.woody KDE core libraries (runtime files)
ii  kdelibs3-bin   2.2.2-13.woody KDE core binaries (binary files)
ii  kdelibs3-crypt 2.2.2-6woody2  KDE core crypto libraries
ii  kdelibs3-doc   2.2.2-13.woody KDE core library documentation
ii  kdepim-libs    2.2.2-5.2      KDE libraries amd modules for kdepim
ii  kdestudio      2.0.0-16       a powerful development environment for KDE
ii  kdevelop-doc   2.1.2-0kde2.2- Documentation for the kdevelop package
ii  kdewallpapers  2.2.2-14.7     Some wallpapers for KDE
ii  libkdegames    2.2.2-2.2      KDE Games library and common files
ii  libkdenetwork1 2.2.2-14.6     Common libraries needed for KDE network appl
ii  libkdexparts1  2.2.2-3        Python bindings for DCOP

ii  libqt-dev      2.3.1-22       Qt GUI development headers
ii  libqt2         2.3.1-22       Qt GUI Library (runtime version).
ii  libqt2-mt      2.3.1-22       Qt GUI Library (runtime threaded version).
ii  qt-designer-do 2.3.1-22       Tutorial and reference documentation
for Qt

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