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Re: Cell Modem and Linux

On Friday 10 October 2003 04:16 pm, Bill Moseley wrote:
> Anyone have information on using a cell modem with linux?
> It's not for a desktop (i.e. not pcmcia).
> What kind of drivers are needed, if any?

I have one and use it occasionally.  It is a modem, so it 
interfaces like a modem.  No special software is needed.

Some warnings .....

1. It doesn't work everywhere.  There are some places where it 
doesn't work at all, no matter how good the signal is.  It has 
something to do with what kind of system you are on.  Even if 
it is supported locally, you need a very good signal.

2. It is slow.  At best, it connects at 9600.  Some dialup ISP's 
will not connect that slow, leaving you with no way to connect.

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