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Re: Installing with root fs as reiserfs

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 13:06:17 -0400, stan wrote:
> I've done this in the past by downloading some special floppy images, but
> when I looked at that site, I found out that the images are for the
> distribution prior to the current stable oen.

Current stable (woody) supports installation on ReiserFS. Just boot the
"bf24" kernel rather than the "linux" (2.2) one.

> Givne that I wnat to wind up with "testing" installed, whats the best way
> to do this?

Do be sure to read the Debian Security FAQ entry about "testing" to see if
that's really what you want. But if it is, just install a minimal stable
system, adjust /etc/apt/sources.list to testing and upgrade.

I'm having trouble keeping my clever schemes separate from my sarcasm.

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