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Re: Stable? Unstable?

* KRF (ken1@interparse.com) [031007 17:22]:
> On the advice of some compadres I have ordered the 7 CD package so that I can 
> try Debian.  I currently run RH 7.x  and 9 and was griping about RedHat 
> always moving stuff from to some oddball location and having to reregister 
> every thirty days to use their site.
> I have been trying to follow this listserv but a lot of the stuff doesn't mean 
> much since I have no Debian context to hang it on - yet.
> I keep seeing references to 'Stable' and 'Unstable" and was wondering which 
> version I ordered.  Obviously, being a newbie to Debian I hope I ordered 
> 'Stable.'   No, I haven't googled yet for anything since the company's 
> network is still locked down as the poor Bloatware dudes (BSCE's???) try to 
> get everybody cranked back up and out of the worm farm:) :) :)
> Anyway, can anybody give me a short blurb on what specifically is which?


good times,
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