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RE: SWEN isn't slowing down

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> From: Karsten M. Self [mailto:kmself@ix.netcom.com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, 8 October 2003 9:05 AM
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: SWEN isn't slowing down
> on Tue, Oct 07, 2003 at 08:31:53AM -0700, A P 
> (ap1269@yahoo.com) wrote:
> > These f****** SWEN emails are still pouring in. I am 
> getting about 80 
> > per day. It's sickening.
> >  
> > I have added practically every major country suffix in my 
> > /etc/mail/access file and I am discovering new ones every 
> day!  Man, I 
> > am so close to blocking "net" and "com". Well, in that case I might 
> > just as well shutdown my email server. Although I must say 
> that it's 
> > kind of satisfying to see "reject=553" messages in syslog.
> >  
> > I am curious to find out how long it takes for SWEN to find 
> the email 
> > address I am posting this from.
> If you control your own SMTP server:  deny mail with 
> executable attachments, or if you want finer-grained control, 
> install clamav and block viruses specifically.  exim4 
> specifically has configurations which make this relatively trivial.
> If you don't control your SMTP server, request your ISP 
> provide you with the tools to:
>   - Deny (not block) executables or viruses at SMTP time.
>   - Deny (not block) high-scoring spam based on SpamAssassin 
> (ask for it
>     by name) or known good Bayesian classifiers (bogofilter, 
> spambayes,
>     etc.), at SMTP time.
>   - Provide regular reports of what mail was blocked by sender and
>     subject (daily/weekly/monthly), so you can track performance.
> Why at SMTP time?  Because legitimate senders then know that 
> their message didn't get through, because _their_ sending 
> SMTP server will generate a bounce.  Your SMTP server *isn't* 
> generating a bounce, so it doesn't spam (joe-job) innocent 
> third parties spoofed in headers.
> I've seen some ordinarially intelligent people suggest that 
> this is encouraging ISP censorship of email.  It's *not*.  
> It's extending *your* perimiter of control -- remember that 
> I'd said first "If _you_ control your SMTP server...".  In 
> this case you have the control.  If you're relying on an ISP, 
> you don't, which is specifically what we're trying to change.
> Peace.
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Also consider http://sourceforge.net/projects/bmf/ I have been using for
nearly a year, very very happy with it too.
deb available too.

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