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Re: Exim headers!

* Naitik Shah (naitik@gamebox.net) [031007 14:35]:
> I'm using exim4 and i receive mail using fetchmail and check using
> courier-imap (various clients). What I find quite annoying that sending
> and receiving mail, exim adds headers that are quite useless, and rather
> disrupting. It adds these, which mess up my reply function, as sylpheed
> (primary client) uses return-path (i think) for some reason.

They're not useless, and I'm not clear why you find them so annoying.  I
doubt that sylpheed (or any MUA) would use these for anything, but I
don't use sylpheed, so I could be wrong.  Maybe there's a reply-to or
mail-followup-to header in the problematic messages that's tripping you
up, rather than envelope-to and return-path?

> Envelope-to: user@localhost.name
> Return-path: user@localhost.name
> How do I get exim to stop adding these?

Remove the "return_path_add" and "envelope_to_add" options from the
relevant transports.

good times,

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