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Re: Debian on cobalt RaQ2

on Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 01:47:54PM -0500, Christopher L. Everett (ceverett@ceverett.com) wrote:
> Has it been done?
> I see info on putting NetBSD onto a RaQ2 but not much on Debian Linux.

I've messed (many moons ago) with the RaQ, Qube, and Netwinder.  All
were at one point non-x86 hardware.  I'm not sure if this has or hasn't

One distinct issue for all three systems was that they may or may not
support removeable boot media.  This makes installation that much more
of a challenge.

Barring other alternatives, I'l look at a chroot install.  Assuming you
can get the process started, it solves a number of problems from the
get-go, though you still need to get the boot system loaded *and* have
enough space left over to repartition.


The  following gives instructions for installing Debian on a Qube2 or


And there are some list posts:



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