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RE: Do we really need to worry about viruses

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> Subject: Re: Do we really need to worry about viruses
> "Jamin W. Collins" wrote:
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> > Aye, but you do have backups right?  Are your backup locations 
> > accessible as mounted file systems where your user has ready 
> > read/write access to them?  I would certainly hope not.
> Do you backups every day?  Every minute?  Every instant?  
> If not, the user's data is still vulnerable.

This is about risk analysis.
Loosing half a days work, or a days work is annoying, but your going to feel
pretty pleased if your backups are working and you only lose a days work.

I think a malicious process which occasionally corrupts random user files
would be much more of a pain.
It could be days/weeks/months before anyone notices.

Reminds me of an old excel macro virus in the 80s which changed the odd cell
here and there.
"When triggered, it picks a worksheet but the active one and loops a
thousand times to randomly select used cell that contains numeric value.
With 1% chance, it decreases or increases the cell value within 5%."


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