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Debugging CUPS problems

CUPS is one of those things I installed and it just works.  Or did.
I'm looking for advice on debgging why I can't print from my laptop
(which has worked in the past).

I have a printer on "bumby" that works -- I can easily print using lpt
or from applications.

	moseley@bumby:~$ lpstat -v
	device for LaserJet: parallel:/dev/lp0

When I boot up my laptop I can see that printer (just like magic!).

	moseley@laptop:~$ lpstat -v
	device for LaserJet: ipp://bumby:631/printers/LaserJet

But if I submit a job it just sits there:

	moseley@laptop:~$ echo "hello" > hello
	moseley@laptop:~$ lpr hello
	moseley@laptop:~$ lpstat -o -p
	LaserJet-2              moseley           1024   Thu 02 Oct 2003 04:06:36 PM PDT
	printer LaserJet is idle.  enabled since Jan 01 00:00

If I go to the web interface I can also see the job, but the printer
says it's busy:

	moseley@laptop:~$ GET http://localhost:631/printers/LaserJet |
	grep busy
	        <BR><I>"Printer busy; will retry in 10 seconds..."</I>

And that is the printer on "bumby":

	moseley@laptop:~$ lynx -dump http://localhost:631/printers/LaserJet | egrep '(busy|bumby)'
	    [2]LaserJet HP LaserJet 1100, Foomatic + ljet4 on bumby
	   "Printer busy; will retry in 10 seconds..."
	   2. http://bumby:631/printers/LaserJet
	   3. http://bumby:631/printers/LaserJet?op=print-test-page
	  12. http://bumby:631/printers/LaserJet

And back on "bumby":

	moseley@bumby:~$ lpstat -o -p
	printer LaserJet is idle.  enabled since Jan 01 00:00

I'm also not very clear on the basic CUPS concepts.  For example, if I submit
a job on my laptop to print on "bumby's" printer, should the job be
queued on the laptop or on bumby?  I'm seeing the job on the Laptop, but
I'd think that it should show up in the queue on bumby -- shouldn't
there be one single queue for a given printer (i.e. should't I be able to look
at a printer and see all jobs, regardless of where they are coming


Bill Moseley

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