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Re: newbie needs help.........

Zakaria wrote:

Hey I was trying to buy Debian Cd instead of
downloading debian... but they have for different
Architectures  Alpha ; ARM ; HPPA ; i386 ; IA-64 ;
m68k ; MIPS ; PowerPC ; S/390 ; Sparc ; source ;
Hurd-i386 ; Hurd-source ...

I'm getting Debian for my VIA EPIA M10000, Would that
would be i386?  i know it is but i just wanna make
sure that the right CD to buy thanks for your help

Yes, it's i386. It's an x86-compatible mobo that'll take a VIA C3 or Eden processor. It's not Sparc or m68k, etc. It also looks to be a nice little mini-board if you're wanting small size and are willing to sacrifice some performance (http://www.whiningdog.net/Reviews/PC/Motherboards/20030820-VIAM10000/).


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