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Re: pppd daemon dies is a permissions problem? failure

On Thursday 02 October 2003 17:57, you wrote:
> On Thursday 02 October 2003 16:57, you wrote:
> > I never dreamed that this would be such a difficult problem.I added
> > myself to the dip group (perhaps I was already there because the number
> > beside my user name (in /etc/group)was 1000. Anyway I added myself to
> > pppusers and dialout too. And the very same message:
> >  "Can't open options file /etc/ppp/peers/highstream.net: Permission
> >  denied"  appears. I did a chown 777 on the whole string of files but
> > still the same error message. Yes I am discouraged. Thanks for the help
> > and if anyone has any ideas I still will give it a shot. I'm out of
> > ideas.
> what are the permissions of /etc/ppp/peers/highstream.net? Issue ls -l
> against the file and post the output.

In addition, post the output of the following command sequence

$ whoami ; grep dip /etc/group

Alphonse Ogulla
Nairobi, Kenya


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