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IBM Thinkpad G40 integrated NIC woes


I recently bought an IBM Thinkpad G40 and I have some problems that I hope that you can help me with.

It has an integrated Broadcom 5901 100Mbps NIC, which is supported by:

a) Broadcoms own "bcm5700" driver
b) The "tg3" driver in the latest 2.4.23-preX and 2.6.0-testX kernels

The bcm5700 driver is only available as a patch for 2.4.21, and I've succesfully used the driver on that kernel. I'm also using the NIC daily under Windows XP without a problem.

However, I am unable to make it work togheter with a more recent 2.4 kernel or a 2.6 kernel (module inserts and finds the NIC but its dead as a duck and doesnt respond to pings or anything). Broadcom is aware of the problem and will release an updated driver later on.

However, I would prefer to use the tg3 driver which is supposed to work...but it shows the same signs as the bcm5700 driver on a non-2.4.21 kernel (i.e. the module loads, finds the NIC, sets it up as eth0, but then it's just dead).

Now let's get to the point....I'd be eternally grateful if someone else who has an IBM Thinkpad G40 (or other machine with a Broadcom 5901) could compile the latest 2.6 kernel and see if the tg3 works for them??

(The reason I need this is to be able to verify to IBM/Broadcom people that it is/isn't a problem with only my machine).

Thanks in advance,
David Härdeman

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