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Re: establishing ppp connection as non-root

 --- Alphonse Ogulla <ogulla@uonbi.ac.ke> wrote: > Hi
> I configured ppp successfully using pppconfig and
> make use of pon/poff 
> commands to bring up and bring down the link
> respectively. However, pon only 
> works when ran as root and refuses otherwise.
> user@fep:~$ pon
> please configure /etc/ppp/peers/provider or use a
> command line argument to use 
> another file in /etc/ppp/peers directory.
> Is it possible to run pon as non root? Tried
> changing some parameters in 
> /etc/ppp/options and /etc/ppp/peers/provider with
> little or no success. 
> Anyway, if it is possible then how does one go about
> it. 
> Thanks and regards,
> Alphonse Ogulla
> Nairobi, Kenya
> -- 

To use pon/poff as non-root you need to add users to
the 'dip' group. You should be able to do this through
the adduser option in pppconfig

Simon Tod

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