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our company's is a big company in African.
now our company is Broker in African we will get sum customer come to our company buying goods from us,now  l want you to supply us or this ltems.
our customer come with company's check after clearance of customer check you will ship the goods to us in African.
this is name of ltems is bellow.
I want your company to supply me all this item seagate
oem orgenal .
hard disk 20GB 500pcs and inkjet toner oem original HP c1823d 1000pcs and toshiba satellite pro model c4600 processor 700-750 mmx 120 RAM 20gb monitor 14.1ft DVD or toshiba satellite pro model 4600 series petim 111 IGHE 2GB HDD 256 MB MEMORY 15.1TFT SCREER DVD-RENT CD-WR 10/100 NETWORK CARD and canno BJC 85& 55, and NOTEBOOK PORTABLE PRITERS.

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